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In today’s digital marketplace, customer reviews are a cornerstone of online shopping. With an astounding 95% of consumers consulting reviews prior to making a purchase, it’s clear that reviews can significantly influence buying decisions. Let’s be honest, most of us won’t even consider trying a new restaurant without checking out the reviews first.

However, for many businesses, gathering reviews while ensuring a superior customer experience can be a challenging endeavor. This is where Klaviyo steps in with its new feature: Klaviyo Reviews. What is Klaviyo Reviews Product Update?


Buy Klaviyo Reviews

What is Klaviyo Reviews?

Klaviyo Reviews is a new feature now available for Shopify and Shopify Plus brands, enabling businesses to seamlessly collect and display product reviews. By integrating this feature, businesses can facilitate a smooth customer journey from the point of purchase to rewarding customers for their reviews, all within a single platform.

Buy Klaviyo Reviews
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Why Use Klaviyo Reviews?

One Unified Platform

Klaviyo Reviews brings together all your marketing and customer data under one roof. No more juggling between different platforms or wrestling with multiple reports. By using Klaviyo, you can save time and resources, keeping everything streamlined and efficient.

Enhanced Personalization

Data is the backbone of Klaviyo. From customer views on your website to their feedback in reviews, every piece of information is stored within Klaviyo. This rich data environment allows you to create personalized customer segments and offer proactive support to those who had a poor experience.

Easy Collection and Display of Reviews

With Klaviyo Reviews, businesses can add review requests to automated email and SMS flows. By showcasing reviews across customer interactions, businesses can bolster buyer confidence.

Simple Setup Process

Getting started with Klaviyo Reviews is straightforward. Simply install the Klaviyo Reviews Shopify app, customize your flows, and you’re ready to start gathering reviews. Importing existing reviews into Klaviyo is also a breeze.


Klaviyo Reviews pricing is based on the number of orders placed in your store each month, with various tiers available to suit businesses of all sizes. For instance, a limit of 50 orders per month is free, while up to 250 orders per month cost $25. It’s important to note that Klaviyo Reviews is billed separately from Klaviyo’s email and SMS plans.

Getting Started with Klaviyo Reviews

Before you install Klaviyo Reviews, ensure you have an active Klaviyo account and that Shopify is your e-commerce platform.

  1. Install the Klaviyo Reviews App: Log into your Shopify store and Klaviyo account. Navigate to Klaviyo Reviews in the Shopify app store and install the app.
  2. Set Up Reviews Widgets on Your Site: These widgets let you display products’ star ratings, review summaries, and individual reviews on product pages and elsewhere on your site.
  3. Collect Reviews Using Klaviyo Flows: After installing Klaviyo Reviews, use a Klaviyo flow to begin collecting reviews. A prebuilt review request flow is available in the flows library, titled Klaviyo Reviews: Review request.
  4. Reward Customers Who Submit a Review: After someone submits a review, follow up with a thank you message, and deliver any incentive you offered. Search Review Follow-up: Klaviyo Reviews in the flows library for a flow template.
  5. Upload Reviews from Your Prior Platform (if needed): If you used a different reviews platform before switching to Klaviyo Reviews, import those reviews into Klaviyo.
Buy Klaviyo Reviews
Review Request Flow in the Flow Library

Exploring Klaviyo Reviews Features

Klaviyo Reviews offers a host of features designed to help you make the most of your customer feedback.

  • Auto-Publish Settings: Adjust your settings to automate the publishing of reviews.
  • Custom Review Questions: Add personalized questions for your reviewers to complete.
  • Shipping Status Flows: Create shipping status flows to track and communicate the delivery status.
  • Customer Service Tickets: Create a customer service ticket instantly when you receive a negative review.
  • Highlight Reviews in Key Messages: Feature reviews in important messages such as an abandoned cart flow or new collection announcement.

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Collect More Data with Custom Questions

With Klaviyo Reviews, you can collect more data on your products and customers when you send out review requests.

  • Product Questions: Ask about the item someone purchased, like the fit or whether they’d recommend it to a friend.
  • Profile Questions: Ask about someone’s personal attributes, like what size they normally wear or dietary preferences.

This extra layer of information can help you send out relevant marketing campaigns or trigger automated flows.

Buy Klaviyo Reviews


Klaviyo Reviews is a transformative tool designed to streamline customer feedback and enhance the overall customer journey. If you’re searching for an efficient and comprehensive solution to handle your reviews, Klaviyo Reviews could be the answer. By bringing everything together in one place, Klaviyo Reviews simplifies the process, making life easier for you and your customers.


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