Risks of Buying YouTube Subscribers

Risks of Buying YouTube Subscribers

Risks of Buying YouTube Subscribers

To be successful on YouTube is very difficult. Getting to see a channel with million subscribers may prompt you to start thinking of buying YouTube subscribers for your YouTube channel.

A lot of debate is going on, and people are arguing whether buying YouTube subscribers is a legitimate way of triggering the organic growth of your channel. If you ask a lot of people what they suggest about buying subscribers, they will say that it is more risky and damaging.

Before you go on with your idea of buying subscribers, you must make sure that the agency is you choose for the task is trustworthy. If you are not careful, you might end up losing money by paying for a scam. Not only being scammed but you should also worry about other risks.

This guide will go through the major risks that may ruin your business and reputation when you buy YouTube subscribers.

   The Probability of Getting Suspended

Buy YouTube SubscribersIf you consider buying YouTube subscribers, I am sure at times an idea of your account being suspended has crossed your mind. This is something to put into consideration because you should avoid being caught by YouTube at any cost and if YouTube’s algorithm detects the fake subscribers, your account might be suspended. Fake subscribers are subscribers from both accounts.

Buying human subscribers is the best alternative, but sometimes YouTube might detect their activities as activities generated from bots. This might also lead YouTube to delete all the subscribers you bought and sometimes suspend your account.

What Should You Do If You Get Caught For Fake Subscribers?

If your account is suspended for artificially inflating your subscribers’ number you can try to restore it by filing the YouTube View Abuse Appeal Form. Even if you are able to restore your channel back, it will have a red flag though it is different from that which you get from violating copyright. This will keep the YouTube system alert and to keep checking on your account so that to make sure you never try such a thing in future.

If you repeat doing the same tricks and get caught, that may result in YouTube permanently shutting down your channel. When agencies state that their services are safe what they mean is that their services will not actually raise suspicion with YouTube’s algorithm.

The only way they can ensure that their services area safe is to deliver actual people to subscribe to your account. If they do not do that and opt to use bots be sure that YouTube system will detect that there is a wrong suspicious activity going on your account.

What to Consider When Buying YouTube Subscribers

There are some factors which you need to consider when considering buying YouTube subscribers. But remember buying subscribers does not mean you will have a guarantee of making a profit out of them.

YouTube videos are monetized by using Adsense, which makes it more difficult to trick the system. If you are caught trying to use tricks on Adsense, you might end up losing your Adsense account. This means that your account will be suspended and you will not be allowed to open a new account.

Buying subscribers and trying making profits from them is very risky, especially if you are not sure how you are going to turn them into profit. There are other better ways that would help you to earn YouTube subscribers without taking risks.

It is better to go through official channels if you want to buy YouTube subscribers. Buying real subscribers is not technically against YouTube rules.  You can pay freelancers to subscribe on your YouTube channel.

Other Risks of Buying Subscribers

Getting into trouble with YouTube is one thing, but there are other risks that are involved with buying YouTube subscribers.

The reason behind buying fake subscribers is to make your channel more popular and therefore attract more subscribers, but to attract real subscribers; you have to get your videos to rank in YouTube’s search engine.  The whole idea behind buying fake subscribers is to make your channel look more popular to attract real subscribers, but to attract real subscribers; your videos need to rank in YouTube’s search engine. There are some optimized options that you can employ to do this although they need to invest your time.

Why Fake YouTube Subscribers are considered as a Wastage of Money

Buy YouTube Subscribers CheapFake YouTube subscribers will not help your videos earn views from real viewers.

As long as the viewers’ retention rate remains low, your channel and video will continue performing very low in search engine results. Subscribers do not guarantee views or watch time.

Bought subscribers will not watch your videos, and this will result into your subscriber count to shoot up while the view count is remaining the same. This is enough to alert YouTube’s algorithm to check on what is going on your account. You might not get any warning from YouTube, but they will make sure that your videos are ranked low, and they might never experience any growth.

Alternative to Buying Fake YouTube Subscribers

It is at your best interest to grow your channel organically even if it takes a long time. Make sure that you create a community that really loves you and follows you because they love what you do.

Make sure that you create good content that will make people enjoy watching or create contents that are helpful and keep making more contents and improving your channel. It might take quite a long time, but eventually, you will reach where you are aiming to go.

Through good contents, you will be able to create loyal fans that will help you to get more subscribers. Bots will never help you in the long run, and most subscribers come from bots which are as good as dead because they will not contribute to anything rather than attracting other bots on your account, their activities are dangerous for the growth of your account.

Your development rate will not be influenced by buying subscribers. If you intended at increasing traffic on your channel, the results might be temporary because you will not be able to create a community of subscribers who love what you do and are eager to watch your next video. Creating a fan base should be your ultimate goal.

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