Pros and Cons in Buying YouTube Subscribers

Pros and Cons in Buying YouTube Subscribers

Pros and Cons in Buying YouTube Subscribers

Every major step you take regarding your YouTube channel will have a certain positive or negative outcome. Buying or not buying YouTube subscribers is a choice that should be taken seriously and look upon the cons and pros of the action before jumping into it.

This post will give you guidelines towards making a decision by analyzing both the sides of the debate. It will help you make a decision whether you are looking to buy subscribers for your new YouTube channel or buy subscribers to boost your channel which is already running but has low traffic.


The social proof is invaluable

Buy YouTube SubscribersThis is a psychological concept which looks at the behavior of groups of people. It states that:

When a person sees a large group of people doing a certain action, he/she is more likely to do that action. Humans tend to imitate what other people in large groups do.

I know you have come across a situation when you see a lot of people talking about a new movie online. It is more likely that you will go and watch that movie too. Or when you are walking along the street and come across a group of people gathered somewhere, you are likely to join the group certainly interested in knowing what is going on.

This principle applies relatively on YouTube, and if you purchase subscribers, in a sense that an account with many subscribers attracts a lot of attention. This because when you see an account with a lot of subscribers, you are likely to be interested in what is offered on that account.

On the other hand, if you come across an account with low subscribers, you are more likely to ignore it, and you will not be interested to see what is on it. This where buying YouTube subscribers helps in boosting your new or stagnant account. This more likes buying  social proof.

Grow and impress people

This is no different like social proof but with a little difference. When you have low subscribers, even people who are aware of your channel will look upon the low number and ignore your channel without taking a look at what you posted.

Then when you buy a thousand subscribers, the number will impress them when they come back, and they are likely to subscribe too. It is like a Bandwagon effect when everybody tends to support a team that is making it even if he/she previously were on the side of the opponent. Buying subscribers will help you gain more subscription from people who knew the existence of your account but were ignoring it due to low number count of your subscribers.

It will boost  your new Account off the ground

Buy YouTube Subscribers CheapWhen you start a channel YouTube subscribers will be the hardest struggle you will have to face. I know you have passed several channels because no one was following them and you ignored them too. Time is always limited and is worth money.

Waiting and wasting a lot of time to grow your account means that it is costing you money specifically YouTube revenue. Buying a few YouTube subscribers will take you off from the ground and lift your account on higher heights making it profitable.

It will increase your normal/natural YouTube subscribers quicker

YouTube channel with normal subscription method experiences a slow growth and will take quite a long time to take off. Buying YouTube subscribers will boost your channel with rocket speed. The social proof and bandwagon effect will lead you for real success.

Having a lot of subscribers will attract more attention to your channel and will lead a lot more people to subscribe. This will improve your video rankings, and your channel will appear more during the search.

So it is a good thing to buy subscribers if you want to boost your channel and get more and more subscribers.

The practice is more widespread than you can imagine

There are a lot of celebrities and social figures that are buying YouTube subscribers. They have already considered what we discussed above and decided to take action.

But you must be careful when buying the subscribers by doing research to get a reputable YouTube subscriber service agency that will give you real people and not bots. No one wants bots because other than giving you a hard number he/she will have no other impact on your channel and in fact they can make your account banned or suspended.


You are not buying real YouTube subscribers

Sometimes if you are not careful, you might end up buying bots which are not humans. The side effect of buying boots is that you will only get you some subscribers boosted and improved your social proof but they will not: Buy your products

  • Comment on your videos
  • Visit your website
  • Share your video

Buying YouTube subscribers will not boost your Klout score

If you happen to buy bots there will be no interaction between you and your audience because bots are not real people all they will do is subscribe on your channel and that is all. So if you depend on Klout in measuring your total online influence, you must be careful in analyzing your data. I advise you to be more than careful when buying the subscription service because bots are not good will have a negative impact on your channel in the long run.

Risk of being caught

Buy Organic YouTube SubscribersBuying YouTube subscribers is against YouTube policy and when caught by YouTube system might lead your channel to be shut down. Apart from that, it might ruin your image and reputation as well as the business. This is why research is important because the bots are easy to be tracked by the YouTube system which is not easy when it comes to real people.

You might run into are scams

There are many marketing agencies that claim to provide YouTube subscription services. But there are chances when you can pay for real people and find yourself having bots instead of real people. Do not prefer low price over quality because most scams come from agencies which provide services at a very price. You have to be alert, or else you might end up losing money and your reputation.


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