Is It Possible to Buy Google Reviews

Is It Possible to Buy Google Reviews

Is It Possible to Buy Google Reviews

If you have a business that has fewer reviews on the Google business page, or you have a lot of negative reviews, it is possible that you might have an idea of buying Google reviews. It is possible to buy Google reviews though I do not advise you to do so. You can work some tactics to get disingenuous and non-organic reviews, but remember Google system is always working to track and remove inappropriate reviews because it is against its policy.

Using fake reviews can have negative consequences for your business. You can get your business blacklisted or worse, as some websites are taking down and taking legal actions upon extremely bad offenders

Buy Google ReviewsIn other words, it is not a good idea to buy reviews on Google because it is too risk doing that and can ruin your business. I do not think you are ready to take that risk because it is not worth it.

While good online reviews can be difficult to collect, some combat this in creating flyers while others deploy online review management platforms. Always make sure that everything you do operates in compliance with online review guidelines. Failure to do so can lead you in ruining your entire business and everything that you struggled to build.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Google Reviews

Many businesses have found themselves swimming in hot soup after buying online reviews on Google. According to Google guideline and policy, it prohibits any business from buying fake reviews, and if caught there are bad consequences. Google’s terms of service strongly advise against this act and state clearly that it is against its policy.

Google is very strict about this and will take immediate action if any business is caught and proved to have bought reviews. Google will take down any company by shutting down its account.

Google has 12 different types of violations that can lead to the removal of reviews. These violations include:

  • Advertising: This includes Ads and extensions that do not follow Google policies.
  • Spam: This include applications, bots and real people that send multiple spam messages to different users.
  • Phone Numbers or URLs: URLs that take that take a user to a different domain are against Google policy. Also, phone numbers which have not been verified Google cannot be used in Google’s system.
  • Off-topic Reviews: Google will remove any review which does not relate to the business.
  • Keep it Clean
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Illegal Content: Weapon based content, dishonest, are not allowed by Google.
  • Copyrighted Content: The policy prohibits copyright infringement.
  • Sexually Explicit Material: Google does not allow applications or content that promotes sexually explicit content.
  • Impersonation
  • Personal and Confidential Information: Google prohibits sharing information that identifies you with advertisers.
  • Hate Speech: Google policy does not allow posting content and videos that involve racism and any sort of discrimination or hate.

It is true that buying Google reviews is within the violation mentioned above. Therefore it is in your best interest to stay away from buying reviews. Even though it is illegal, but it will also ruin your business reputation and drag your business down.Is It Possible to Buy Google Reviews

How would you feel seeing the business you have spent a lot of time and investment building crashing down due to the failure to comply with Google’s policy? It is too risky to buy reviews, and the consequences are likely to cost you more than the cost you would have incurred to earn them properly without risking your business reputation.

Don’t Buy Reviews, Earn Them

Buying Google ReviewsIt is a good idea to follow proper strategies and make campaigns to boost your business and get real reviews. There are a few trials that you can take to boost your business rankings, these methods are legal and adhere to Google’s terms and policies rather than going for shortcuts that might land your business in hot water.

Today many businesses are employing online reputation management tools to help them collect and manage reviews from different from different online review sites. This is more beneficial and has unlimited outcomes that are good for the business:

  • No more awkward asks: In this method you do not have to ask and stay online for hours and hour, all you have to do is set your tool, and it will do the work for you through text messages and email addresses that will be sent to your clients.
  • Higher conversion rates: This is more convenient for customers, and it will help you save a lot of time.
  • Track online reviews from multiple sites: This is a convenient way of improving your business. You will able to track and have a summary of reviews from different sites within a single platform minimizing time and cost you would have spent if you did it manually with the traditional methods.
  • See when a new review goes online: You will be able to see in real time when someone reviews your company or product and take action. This includes alerts that will pop up informing you that someone has done a review right away when he/she posts it.
  • Track trends in your reviews to help drive customer experience: It is easy to know your customer behavior and trends through the reviews This will help you in making decisions and plans for improving your business.

In conclusion, it is very important that marketing professionals and business starters alike, understand that buying Google reviews of any kind whether positive or negative can be risky. It is better to use an online management platform that can help you more efficiently to collect quality reviews and analyze them. This information will help you make good plans and strategies that will lead you to make a successful business in the long run. The shortcut is always a wrong cut so better comply with Google terms and policy.

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