Buying Real SoundCloud Followers

Buying Real SoundCloud Followers

Buying Real SoundCloud Followers

Buying SoundCloud followers has become a popular thing especially with upcoming artists, producers and, DJ’s.

Everybody is in need to be heard, and sometimes people go extra miles to make things look good while things are not as good as they appear to be.

But what people do not know is often the services that are claimed to be offered by many sites that claim to sell followers are fake. They only use bots to fulfill the requirements that they promised to provide to the client.

Buy SoundCloud FollowersIn this article, I will guide you onto why you should never buy SoundCloud followers and what you can do to get more followers.

  1. Telling if the Followers are Fake

They are several ways to find out if the followers are fake. These are some of the indicators:

  • If they give a hard number of followers instead of range, be alert that they are selling fake followers.
  • If they keep telling you that they are selling you real followers and keep insisting on it every time. Be alarmed that they are selling you fake followers.
  • If they guarantee you that you will get likes, reposts, and comments you must be alert that they are fake.

What makes the above to be fake indicators?

Real promotion usually gives a range of followers that will be delivered in a specific time.

  1. Fake People cannot Give You Real Feedback

It is obvious that fake people will never give you any useful feedback on your songs. Bots are just bots they just do jobs of increasing numbers and commenting on anything.

You cannot make money from fake people either. Making money even from streaming revenue or album sales is impossible. The platform technology is wise enough to identify a real person from a bot.

So it is important to have real people rather than pay money for having fake people who will have a negative impact on your page.

  1. Your Account Could Get Banned

There are a majority of artists that have found themselves in trouble after their profiles being taken down due to the use of bots. This is the reason those websites that sell followers, likes and plays keep assuring you that their services are safe which is not true.

It is for all time not a good idea to do things that might risk your account and send you in a situation that will force you to start building a new profile right from scratch. It is better to invest more in real services that would bring positive impacts in the long run and not shortcuts.

  1. Invest Wisely in Your Music and Strategy

If people do not listen to your music, there is no way you are going to make it in your career as an artist. There are no miracles that mean that you will have to take your time and invest in a strategy that will get you to attract a lot of audiences.

Invest your time in making good music as well as remixing popular songs from popular artists. This has worked for many upcoming artists and has helped them to boost the number of followers and plays.

  1. Numbers are not Everything

Having a large number of followers looks really good, but other metrics are more useful and important.

  • How many people engage with your regular basis?
  • How plays and reposts are you getting?
  • How much traffic are you getting on your page?
  • How many people share your music?

You do not have to only look at the number of followers you have, but you must consider the things that matter more.

  1. Low Engagement Score

When you buy followers, you cannot get people who engage with you. All you will get are numbers and not really fans. When you pay for followers, you will get a large number of fake accounts on your page. You will be surprised that your page will get over 26,000 followers within a night, but these are not really people and will do you no good.

  1. Loss of Reputation and Integrity

If people find out that you bought followers in trying to appear more popular than you are it will ruin your reputation. Shooting you followers from 30 to 30,000 followers overnight will raise suspicions and your integrity and reputation could be in jeopardy.

So it is more convenient to build your base of followers using the accepted means by investing time and creating good music as well as doing a promotion that will spread your music.

How to Grow Your Followers

Buy SoundCloud Followers cheapDifferent ways can be used to grow your followers instead of buying hard numbers that will not help you in the long run.

Use different advertising social media marketing strategies that will lead you to acquire really followers. Make strategic campaigns dedicated to reaching a specific group of audience. This will help you to get the real number of followers.

Share other artists’ music and ask them to share your music on their pages. This will help to increase your popularity and will attract new followers on your page if they liked your music there is no question that they will follow you.

There are several popular artists in SoundCloud that provide repost services. This is different from buying followers because these artists have real people following them. When your music is shared on their page, it attracts their million followers to play it, and if it catches their emotions and they like it, there is no question that they track your page and follow you too. This is a good way to increase the number of followers on your page.

Create a good professional profile. The profile reflects what kind of artist you’re and how serious are you. A good profile will attract a lot of people and would want to know more about you. Having a bad profile will chase away even the few people who wanted to take a look at what you’re doing. So invest your time in creating a good profile if you really want to appear as a professional and serious artists.

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