A Guide to Buy YouTube Comments

A Guide to Buy YouTube Comments

A Guide to Buy YouTube Comments

Buying YouTube comments might seem a complicated process. But it can work on some of your videos especially in instances where you have already bought likes and views for your video. But YouTube comments will help you prevent suspicion that the views and likes on your video are not organic.

How to get Comments on Your Videos

You can get comments to your videos by doing it yourself. But it will cost you a lot of time to capture people’s attention because YouTube has security and policy to adhere and if you break them your YouTube account or channel will be suspended.

Buy YouTube CommentsThese days a lot of celebrities prefer buying comments, and this boosts the video popularity. But the question is where you can get this service? Keep in mind that only a few trusted agencies will give you real comments which are from people and not bots. But the majority of the agencies depend on bots which are so risky to have such comments.

Why is it a bad Move to buy Fake Comments?

The act of buying YouTube comments means that you are playing with the YouTube system and therefore it is something that you should keep under the hood. If you are unlucky to buy comments from both accounts, you will get terrible with spammy comments that can easily be spotted by both the followers and YouTube algorithms. This will damage your reputation among your followers and can lead YouTube to ban your account. When your account is banned, that means you will have to start afresh and create a new account which is not a good move.

So I do not advise you to buy fake comments it is very risky to put your account in jeopardy.

The reasons to buy real YouTube comments

Buying real YouTube will help in boosting your credibility and social proof for your YouTube videos. People will think that your video is on trend and that makes it an advantage to you as more will engage with it. The following are the advantages of buying real YouTube comments.

  1. Increase in engagements

Often viewers like commenting on a video with many comments thinking that the video is getting a lot of popularity. Some will comment to agree or disagree with the previous comments. As the comments increase on your video, it will get high searching ranks, and as a result, more people will easily find the video and watch it. This will lead to more views, likes, and comments that will increase your video popularity.

  1. Drown out the Debbie Downers

Some people might comment negatively on your video with hostile comments. These comments can hurt your video. You can report some of these comments to YouTube to be removed, but another way is to drown them out with good positive comments. This method works by pushing the previous negative comments down, while the new positive will always appear on the first page of the video comments.

  1. Make your bought views look organic

Real people who view your videos are likely to leave comments, but when you buy likes and views, all you get is just vies and likes without comments. If you have already bought likes and views buying real comments will make it look like you gained those likes and views through a normal way.

This method will keep you on the safe side, and it will make it difficult for people and YouTube system to doubt your views and likes which you previously bought. So when you buy likes and views do not forget to buy real comments too.

  1. Boost your video popularity

Real YouTube comments will help in boosting your video but buying comments from bots will make people turn away from your video. Everyone is aiming at making his/her video popular acquiring many views and traffic. This can be accomplished to buying real comments that will boost your rankings and bring in more traffic to your video.

So be careful when buying comments and make sure that the comments you buy are from real people and not bots.

How real YouTube comments work

Buy Custom YouTube CommentsYouTube real comments come from freelancers who are paid to go and comment on your videos. YouTube algorithm finds it hard to track such comments from real people because they are more realistic as compared with comments that are produced by bots.

Bots sometimes make comments which have no logical meaning and are easy to track. These comments are sometimes alike on every video, and sometimes they are meaningless at all. Bots are not human, so they cannot reason and have no emotions all they do they just comment by adding something whether it is logic or not.

Human comments are real with emotions and logic meaning. So when you want to buy comments make sure that you get this service from a reputable agency that supplies real comments from real people and not bots.

Where do I buy real YouTube comments?

With a lot of people and agencies online claiming that they provide YouTube comment service, it is very hard to find out who among them provides fake comments. You have to make a research on various providers, check their websites and go through reviews.

Spend a lot of time checking on every agency because if you do not do that, you may lose your money and your account.

So, first of all, find a few numbers of agencies which provide this service. Then do simple research by going through their reviews on their website because it is likely to get reviews from customers who have previously bought services from them. Positive reviews will mean that they are reliable while negative reviews will mean that you have to stay away. But remember reviews are not enough you to dig much deeper and make sure they really provide what they claim to offer. When you are sure enough that is when you can buy the service from them.


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